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Ancient Evenki rite at Sino-Russian wedding

  • Published in Culture

On a rainy, but wonderful day, August 11, an Evenki rite was held at the settlement of the reindeer herders of the village of Iengra at a Russian-Chinese wedding.

Despite the drizzling rain, the camp Alamakit greeted guests with the smoke of a bonfire and warm hospitality of the hosts. According to the original tradition of the Evenki, the guests were led through the Chichipkan Gate, so the Rite of Purification is performed. Chichipkan is a special kind of sacral gate, made of fused larch or fir trunks.


Passing through these sacral gates, the guests are cleansed of the former disturbing thoughts and with a pure soul enter this ancient, enchanting pristine beauty, the earth.


Women fumigated all with the smoke of the wild rosemary, which harmonizes the energy of man. Then the respected woman of the family turned to the sacred fire, asking the Spirit of Fire for blessing and treating the sacred fire with special dishes.


Ivan, who was born in Neryungri, and now lives and works in China, has invited a fragile beautiful bride Mia from China to his native land. As a true native of South Yakutia, Ivan wanted to make an Evenki rite, symbolizing the combination of the life lines and destinies of two young people.


As required by ancient tradition of the Evenki, Ivan came to his bride riding on a reindeer, accompanied by friends and male relatives. And the bride was surrounded by relatives and friends waiting for the bridegroom's arrival in the chum. Entering the chum of the bride, the groom pronounced the ancient Evenki words: "I came for you."


Then the young exchanged the breast "suns" - ornaments, symbolizing the sun and soul, having a protective value, thereby they gave a symbolic oath to always protect each other.


After this rite, all those present stood in a circle and, according to the cycle of the sun, danced an ancient dance-round dance with rhythmic tunes in the Evenki language. With this dance, the newlyweds and their relatives show their joy and thank the Universe and those present bless the young new family.


Chinese guests will remember this day forever. They were fascinated by beautiful nature of the northern region, the amazing life in the camp, the unusually tasty treats and, of course, the ancient rite ...


Such an interesting and beautiful, ancient rite was made on one of the days of the third month of summer, when the nature blooms more luxuriantly and grows stronger.