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Yakut films at Berlinale

  • Published in Culture
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Yakut movie is developing in leaps and bounds. Last year, "My Murderer" entered the Golden Globe nominees; other participants from Yakutia took part in the prestigious film festivals of Asia-Pacific region. And now several Yakut films will participate in one of the oldest and most respected festivals in Europe.

The special program of the 67th Berlin International Film Festival will show a short film of Prokopy Nogovitsyn,  "The Boy and the lake", filmed in 2003 but not shown in Russia. Guests of the festival will see the docu-drama "God Desegey" by the Yakut master Sergei Potapov that was featured in one of the programs of the 1st Ural Open Russian Film Festival in 2016 - now it is turn of Berlin. The film of Mikhail Barynin "24 Snow" was first shown at Yakutsk international festival, and then Moscow Festival, which also begins its way internationally.

Apart from films of Russia, the program includes the works of US filmmakers, Canada, Finland, Greenland, Sweden and Germany. The program includes discussion of films and discussions on issues relevant to indigenous people’s issues: climate change and the environment, preservation of unique culture of the Sami, Yakuts, Chukchi, Greenland and Canadian Inuit natives.

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