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Paris reads stories of Yukagir writer

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A book by Yukagir writer Gavril Kurilov-Uluru Ado - "The Stories of Yuko" - is published in Paris. The book was translated into French by Yakut culture specialist Émilie Maj and released by the BOREALIA publishing house.

Cultural projects of Yakutia will be promoted in Japan


Cultural projects of Yakutia will be promoted in Japan - this was discussed on July 13 during the meeting of head of the republic Egor Borisov with deputies of the parliament and representatives of business circles of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Yakutia and China: Cooperation in the field of book publishing

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Yakutia and China will establish cooperation in the field of publishing literature in national languages. This was discussed at the meeting of the delegation of Heilongjiang Province with the Director General of the Bichik National Book Publishing, Avgust Egorov.