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Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia: New Siberian Islands Federal Reserve to be created in Yakutia

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The Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation, Sergei Donskoi, introduced a draft resolution to the government on the creation of New Siberian Islands Federal Reserve in Yakutia. The minister justifies the document by the fact that the organization of the Protected Natural Area is necessary for the preservation of island ecosystems, rare plant and animal species and unique objects of inanimate nature, as well as for the development of ecological tourism in the Arctic.
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Nearly 19.000 Russians want a hectare in Yakutia

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More than 18.7 thousand applications were filed by the Russians to receive a land plot within the framework of the "Far Eastern hectare" program. Almost 5 thousand citizens have already received their land plots, almost 3 thousand contracts are to be signed.
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Problems between subsoil users and indigenous peoples discussed in Yakutsk

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It is necessary to amend the federal law "On Subsoil" in terms of carrying out an environmental impact assessment before obtaining a production license. Such a proposal was made during a public dialogue with the participation of representatives of industry and organizations defending the interests of indigenous peoples of the North. The event was organized by the Ministry for Development of Civil Society Institutions of Yakutia.
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Egor Borisov: ‘Kolmar’changes the situation in Neryungri for the better

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The socio-economic situation in Neryungri and Neryungri district as a whole began to change for the better with the arrival of ‘Kolmar’ Coal Mining Company and the creation of ‘South Yakutia’ Advanced Special Economic Zone (ASEZ). Egor Borisov, the head of Yakutia, announced this on October 18, SAKHA National Broadcasting Company reports.
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