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Perhaps this is the coldest expedition in the history of world mountaineering

A group of Italian mountaineers Simone Moro, Tamara Lunger, Matteo Zanga, Filippo Valoti Alebardi and Oleg Saifulin from Yakutia put off on the coldest journey in their lives. Their goal this winter is Cherskogo Range. Legendary Simone Moro with his team went to Yakutia in the coldest time of the year to make the first winter climb the top of Mount Pobeda (Victory) (3003 m), which, according to the climber, should become "the coldest climb in history up the coldest mountain of the planet."

The Italian team arrived in Yakutsk via Moscow from Bergamo on Tuesday, January 23. They spent three days in the capital of our republic.



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gora pobeda 02Mount Pobeda (Victory)

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