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Wife of Extreme Sports Enthusiast from France: Yves will do everything in his power to get to Oymyakon

Extreme cyclist from France Yves Chaloin suspended his journey due to technical problems with the bike.
He has to overcome more than 500 kilometers to reach the final point of his route – Oymyakon.

As his wife Olivia told News.Ykt.Ru, they ordered spare parts in France, they should be delivered to Yakutsk on January 19. "As soon as we fix the bike, Yves will be able to continue his journey from Khandyga to Oymyakon. I cannot tell exactly when he will continue his journey," Olivia Chaloin said.


Olivia publishes records about the journey through Yakutia in social networks. According to Olivia, Yves is ill now, he has bronchitis. The forced break enables the travelers to take their time and learn more about the further route.

"Yves realized how difficult it would be to cross the road to Oymyakon. I do not know if he can drive the remaining 520 kilometers, but I'm sure he will do everything to live out his dream. He will make every conceivable effort to complete the expedition. I will support him at every stage of his journey,” says the wife of a bicycle traveler.

Olivia notes that at such low temperatures it is important to take into account every detail. "When it comes to traveling in such conditions, there are a lot of difficulties," Olivia Chaloin admits. “And this more applies not only to cycling itself, but to stops. As soon as the bicyclist stops, it becomes much more difficult to make even the simplest movements because of the cold. Any movement of yours must be thought out; otherwise the mistake can turn into an injury, a frostbite of the arm or leg."

The Frenchman began his journey on December 6 last year in Skovorodino, the Amur Region. December 24, he reached Yakutsk, where his wife Olivia was waiting for him. On January 1, Yves left Yakutsk for Oymyakon. January 8, the traveler had to interrupt his cycling trip because of the broken bicycle.