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A charter flight with 170 guests from Japan in Yakutsk

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A tourist group from Japan consisting of 170 people arrived in the capital of the republic on August 15. According to the Main Agency of Air Communications of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), this is the first charter flight in the history of Yakutia particularly organized for representatives of a foreign country.

The trip is organized by a separate subdivision of the Main Agency of Air Communications of Yakutia Dalgeo Tours and the Corporate Foundation for Development of Economic Relations between Yakutia and Japan. Foundation Chairman, head of the delegation Kuma Fumio stresses that the group consists of 170 people, representing the entire country of Japan - from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

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"The names of Vladivostok and Khabarovsk are known for the Japanese. As for Yakutsk, very few people know about it. Now the Japanese tourists will see with their own eyes what the republic is like and how to develop cooperation with local companies," the guest notes.

Kuma Fumio said that the Japanese had to be settled into different hotels, and this raises the issue of the need to build a hotel in Yakutsk, where such large delegations could accommodate. He added that the project for the construction of the Hilton hotel can be successful with such a flow of tourists.

The head of the delegation said that upon his return to Japan he plans to hold talks about organizing a direct regular flight to the capital of the republic in connection with the high interest on the part of his fellow countrymen.

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The director of the tourist company Dalgeo Tours, the subdivision of the Main Agency of Air Communications of Sakha (Yakutia) in Khabarovsk, Tatiana Yakovenko reported that on August 15 more than 100 citizens of the republic flew by a charter flight to Japan. The flight is carried out by the ‘Yakutia’ Airline. The tour is organized with the assistance of the Japanese company JATM.

"This is the first time in history when such a large number of foreigners arrive in Yakutia with one charter. In general, this is the fourth flight from Japan to the republic. Alternative routes are routes through Vladivostok, Khabarovsk or Moscow. We are glad. Hopefully this will be a memorable experience for them. It's like word-of-mouth. We expect good returns," Yakovenko said.

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Worker of the publishing house, resident of the island of Shikoku Ynoue Yoshikazu:

"I was surprised that the Yakut people are very similar to the Japanese. I liked the Kingdom of Permafrost, where various masterpieces of the world are presented in the form of ice figures. It is felt that history and culture are highly valued in the republic. I am looking forward to a trip to the Lena Pillars."

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Owner of the cosmetic company, a resident of the city of Nagoya, Mari Tanaka:

"It went well; I often fly such long distances. I came here with my friends. It seems to me that Yakutia is a region where people respect and preserve their traditional culture. I would like to attend rituals and ceremonies. I am looking forward to a pleasant pastime with my friends. I want to get acquainted with people of Yakutia. The cost of the tour is about 3000 dollars.”

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August 16, the Japanese had a sightseeing tour of Yakutsk. They had a lunch in the Muus Haya restaurant. At 18.00 pm the guests went to the Lena Pillars.

Grigory Fomenko, YSIA