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Hereditary children's doctor Alshafi from Sudan talks about work in Yakutsk

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Head of the Department of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery, Associate Professor, Ph.D. in Medicine Yana MUNKHALOVA introduced us to each other. She told that this year NEFU Medical Institute trains about forty foreign students, graduate students and resident doctors. One of them, the first and only resident doctor from the Far Abroad, is Sudanese ALSHAFI. After graduating from the St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University, he has been gaining medical experience in Yakutsk since November last year.

A children's surgeon officially introduced himself:

- Alshafi Elnur Adam Ismail, a citizen of the Republic of Sudan.

It turned out that Alshafi’s mother is also a children's doctor, Doctor of Medical Sciences. His father graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, also studied in St. Petersburg. The family has eight sons.

- I'm number five, - my vis-a-vis says seriously.

After school, parents sent the young man to China to study, but he almost immediately returned. He did not like it there.

- My father advised me to go to study in St. Petersburg, I went there, and for a year I was learning the language. It was hard, then passed the entrance examinations and entered the Pediatric State University. I finished eight years and successfully graduated in 2015, entered the internship, but did not finish it, I dropped out.

- One day the Sudanese Ambassador in Russia called me and said that there was an opportunity to get a place of a resident doctor in Yakutsk. I read about Yakutia, I knew that it was very cold here; I heard that they were mining gold and diamonds. Well, I said OK and arrived here. I flew from St. Petersburg in late November. When in the plane it was announced that the air temperature was minus 49 degrees in Yakutsk, I was frightened and even thought to go back...

- He was in a light jacket, thin shoes, - says Yana Afanasyevna. - We thought he would leave, but he stayed and now successfully works.

- Did you go to join a work first?

Yes, I went to the University Rector, and then to the Director of the Medical Institute, applied for a budget place, passed the documents, was interviewed, and, finally, I was lucky, I entered the Institute. I am very grateful to the Rector of University and the Director of the Medical Institute.

- Why did you choose pediatric surgery?

- I really love children; it's interesting to work with them.

- Where were you sent to work in Yakutsk?

- First I worked in Surgery of the National Center of Medicine, now - in Burn Center of the Republican Hospital No. 2. A good hospital, a very interesting department, good doctors. I knew that the Burn Center here is the best in Russia, known in the world. So for me it's a great practice.

- How did our doctors host you?

- Very well, everyone is trying to help me, they treat me very well, I have many new friends, I live in a student hostel, and the conditions are very good.

- Where would you like to work in the future?

- I do not know yet. Life will show. Although parents are aged, they would need help. I will go home in the summer to see my parents, brothers, and will come back. Another year of residency training, and it will be necessary to make up my mind about work.

What else? Alshafi speaks Russian very well, likes to play football. Not married. Recently, a colleague invited him to a Yakut wedding, where he tasted the national Yakut dishes. In Yakutsk, a pediatric surgeon from Sudan has found his countrymen, communicates with them, and one of them, a law student, even lives in the same hostel.
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