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Ernesto Hoost in Yakutsk!

Early December Ernesto Hoost, Mr.Perfect, visited Yakutsk. Here is a brief interview with him.

-          What can you say about your business in Japan - you train there, you have your own school or work as an invited coach?

-          What I do in Japan – a lot of seminars, many people invite me, different companies also do so. For example, next week I’m invited to a New Year’s party by the company, the owner of which is a kind of fan of me. He wants me to come. Those things are very interesting and special because I had stopped for almost 8 years. This year I made a comeback, all those years I didn’t fight but still all those years that I didn’t fight there were a lot of people who still wanted me to come to Japan as a special guest. And there I have a friend of mine who was in my corner for many years, who opened Ernesto Hoost gym in Nagoya. So this is also my kind of a heritage in Japan.

-          Are you going to go on fighting?

-          The point is I had divorced this year. My divorce cost me a lot of money. And in order to maintain the life I could live it was good for me to do some fights. I don’t want to keep on fighting but I might do one or two more fights.

-      It means that you earn quite a lot of money for fights?

-          Of course, it’s more money than the average worker makes but it’s not as much as I got in the highlights.
-          What are your plans?

-          What is interesting to me at the moment - reality TV, fighters, I’m going to look if it’s possible, if it’s good to make something worldwide.

-          I know that today you visited orphan’s house. How do you feel about it?

-          I was very much impressed I was looking at all the kids, I was looking in their eyes and I realized that they don’t have parents any more. Most of them are in a very bad situation being there with each other basically without a home. That made me very sad. You can look in their eyes but you cannot look in their heads. You don’t know what is wrong with them.  You just get sneak peek of them how they are. A lot of them sound and look very positive but I can only imagine how much they must be devastated and they still are because it doesn’t get any closer than your own parents.

-          Today you also visited Emergency Response Service of Yakutsk. What can you say about this?

-          Oh, that was also very impressive. First of all, they all seem to know me. That was interesting I never expect people to know me but obviously they all know and heard about me. I got many interesting questions which made me believe that they know enough about me. So I’m always impressed by those kind of jobs because they have to do real things (I mean sometimes I can say I put my life on the line too when I step into the ring but this is my own choice) but they put their life on the line when they go into the burning house or try to rescue somebody. I can only respect that.

-          What did your visit to Yakutsk give to you – some new thoughts, ideas?

-          It gave me a good feeling. Especially when I saw the kids in the orphan’s house. Not especially because of that only. I’m having kind of hard times myself. Loosing half of the assets I had. And I have to build things up again. For example, if I look at the kids they lost far more than me. And something I don’t know what it is… Something says to me that Yakutsk will be good for me I cannot tell you what it is but this is just a feeling…

-          Thank you very much, Ernesto. Good luck!

Alexander Pakhomov