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English Teacher from South Africa: Acting in the movie was a lot of fun

Jade 11111

DETSAT Creative Association has presented a new comedy film Hectare. Jade Moodley, English teacher from South Africa acted one of the roles in it. She told about the film and her life in Yakutia in an interview with YSIA.

- Tell us about the set of the film.

- It was last summer, when I started working as a teacher. I was offered to star in the film, I agreed immediately, because I want to see nature and learn more about the culture of Yakutia.

Location chosen for the film was beautiful: fresh air, river, surrounded by forest. It was a lot of fun: on the scenario I became part of the hallucinations of the main characters, they saw me after eating some mushrooms, probably not quite edible.

I think that the film is specific, with typically Yakut humor. I really liked it very much!

- How did you decide to come to work in Yakutia?

- My family lives in Durban (South Africa), but I'm Indian by nationality. My grandparents are from India, and parents - from South Africa. Of course, at first I was afraid to go so far to Siberia, I did not know anything about the republic.  I had to search for information on the Internet: “Ok Google, what is Yakutia?” Besides, I've never seen snow, and it’s -50 here! In my country, the lowest temperature is +15 in the winter.
I have been working for I Speak English international language center for the second year in Yakutsk.

Jade 2

- How do you like it here?

- Nature here is beautiful. I saw Lena Pillars, Taatta, visited Ysyakh national holiday. I am interested in the Yakut culture! And I am tired of the hot climate of Durban and adore your winter. I would like to learn the Russian language, I understand a little and can explain something while shopping, but at the moment I am a beginner.

I especially like people of the republic.  They are all very nice, friendly and always willing to help. I intend to continue working in Yakutsk, to study the culture and get a new experience.