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"Diamond Way" - Best 360-video at MIXAR AWARDS 2016

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ALROSA at 2nd Eastern Economic Forum presented a unique film about diamond mining and production of diamonds "Diamond Way", made by Planetpics Digital Publishing with assistance of Fund "Nature", which won "Best 360-video" nomination at MIXAR AWARDS 2016.

The debut project of Planetpics Digital Publishing  shows the production sites of ALROSA in Yakutia. For the first time all stages of the production process of diamond mining are filmed in spherical video format. Along with the miners we can go down under the permafrost, ride the underground train and see how they blast the rock in quarries.

The judges awarding prizes for the best achievements in the field of virtual and augmented reality in Russia in 2015-2016, evaluated the thoroughness of seams gluing, excursion narrative format and graphics quality. The award ceremony was held during the spherical movie MIXAR VR Film festival.

Facts and figures

• More than 22 hours of spherical material shot by special 360 cameras
• 38 spherical plans in the final video
• 3 expeditions
• 32 days of filming
• 18 route segments
• 5 cities for filming
• 15 different locations of ALROSA
• 18 members of shooting team
• 150 kg of equipment in each expedition


Digital publishing Planetpics since 2011 has been producing digital content - from cognitive documentaries to interactive web-projects and software products.

Planetpics - one of the best natural productions in the country, Department of live broadcasts and multi-shooting webcast major sports and music events. Among the regular customers: Gazprom Neft, the Institute Strelka, Russian Geographical Society, Discovery, National Geographic Russia, Avto24 TV channel.


MIXAR - an annual event dedicated to the latest technologies (3D, virtual and augmented reality, interactive technologies) and their use in the arts, science and business! The festival has shown 360-degrees format films from Russian and international studios: from feature films (EMC VR FILM Festival participants) to presentation films and experimental works.