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Vyacheslav Shtyrov


    Ivanov Borisov
    ALROSA is a state-owned company, it traditionally involves many important regional projects. On the other hand, the diamond company today is struggling for production efficiency, reduces operating expenses, and, in a new way, evaluates the degree of its participation in various social projects.
    But there are priorities that continue to remain in the sphere of attention of ALROSA - motherhood and childhood, environmental protection, culture and art, health.
  • Permafrost will be protected legislatively


    Our task is to approach the adoption of legislative decisions on the protection of permafrost.
  • Vyacheslav Shtyrov: Yakut diamonds extracted without foreign experience

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    Member of the Federation Council of Russia Vyacheslav Shtyrov at a meeting with students of the Polytechnic Institute, a branch of the North-Eastern Federal University in Mirny, noted the role of the Soviet ideological and theoretical platform in the formation of diamond industry.
  • Yakutniproalmaz supports young people

    Yakutniproalmaz molodierabotniki

    Since the times of the USSR, the Yakutniproalmaz Institute is known for its amicable, monolithic team. There are 590 people working here. There are no such research institutes in Yakutia.