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Siberian Crane

  • Russia and China to study Canadian and Siberian Cranes in Yakutia

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    Ornithologists from the Yakut Institute of Biological Problems of the Cryolithozone of SB RAS and the Institute of Wildlife of the Beijing Forestry University of China are planning an expedition to the northern regions of Yakutia in the summer of 2018 to study the ecology and migration of Canadian Cranes and Siberian Cranes. On Tuesday, TASS learned from the research assistant of the zoological research laboratory of the Institute Inga Bysykatova.
  • The area of protected areas in Yakutia could reach 1 million sq km


    This was stated by Minister of Nature Protection of the Republic Sakhamin Afanasiev during the meeting with the head of Yakutia.
  • Yakut Scientists Awarded Disney Fund Prize

    Grus leucogeranus

    Following the results of 2016 researcher of the Institute of Biological Problems of Cryolithozone Sergey Sleptsov, veteran of reserve management and studies Ivan Danilov and "Sterkh" Yakut Fund were awarded "Heroes of Nature Protection" Prize by Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund. The award is presented to representatives of the local population for their dedication to the preservation of rare species of animals and the involvement of society in the protection of nature.