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Russian hockey,

  • CHEER Festival. Hockey stars’ know-how

    NastroenieFest 1
    ALROSA, the world leader in diamond mining, again hosted the CHEER festival in Yakutia (‘Nastroenie’ festival), where almost 90% of its employees work.
    This time the joint-stock company organized another entertaining series of master classes, open lessons, friendly matches and shows together with its sports partner - the Russian Ice Hockey Federation.
  • Mirny in anticipation of the upcoming festival

    April 12 - 18, the hurricane of emotions will overwhelm the Diamond Province - the 'Nastroenie' Festival. Legends of Soviet and Russian hockey will arrive in Mirny, Aikhal and Udachny. The Festival is organized by ALROSA and the Russian Ice Hockey Federation.

  • Yakut Diamond Of 50 Carats Devoted To Russian Hockey

    hockey diam

    A diamond weighing 50.44 carats, extracted from MIR pipe in Yakutia, will be named "70 years of national hockey." The press service of ALROSA reported Thursday.