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Rescue Service of Yakutia

  • Drones can help Yakutia save a lot of budget funds


    These days, the operational group of the Emergencies Ministry of Yakutia redeployed to Srednekolymsk under the leadership of Arkady Savinov, who had previously monitored the situation in the village of Zyryanka. The monitoring flights performed by a drone, have already helped the government’s coffers save many hundreds of thousands of rubles.
  • Rescuers of Yakutia train in the winter forest

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    The staff of Rescue Service of the Republic on January 26 landed in Namsky tract area 20 km. away from Yakutsk to consolidate the practical skills of autonomous work in the taiga conditions at low temperatures.
  • Russian Aviation awarded Tiksi Airport employees

    Il 18

    Employees of Tiksi Airport were awarded with diplomas of Federal Air Transport Agency of Russia. This was reported on the website of ‘Airports of the North’ Federal State Enterprise.