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New Year,

  • A girl from Yakutia stars in the show of Russian TV

    albino girl
    Nariyana Ivanova took part this week in the filming of the telecast "The Stars Have Come Together."

  • Best Pupils at the New Year's Ball


    The best schoolchildren of the republic gathered in the Sakha Circus
  • Chukchi celebrate the New Year today

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    The Chukchi celebrate the New Year a week earlier than the rest of the world. It happens on the longest night of the year - from December 21 to 22.
  • Russian New Year


    During the reign of the Communist Party a unique situation has come about with the celebration of Christmas and New Year in Russia. Before the revolution in 1917, as in all Christian countries a feast of Christmas was in the first place in Russia. But after the October revolution, the new government began to fight with the old order, including the main winter holiday. Only in the mid-30s of the 20th century people began celebrating, but New Year not Christmas. The Communist Party could not grant permission to celebrate the Christian holiday.
  • The Head of Yakutia is writing memoirs


    The head of Yakutia Egor Borisov began writing memoirs in the early 2000s. Individual chapters of them will now be published from time to time in a special section of the updated version of his personal website, Egor Borisov said on December 21 at the final press conference.
  • Yakut Girl became Queen of the Ball


    A student of Moscow University of Communications and Informatics Lena Novikova became Queen of Youth National Cultures Ball- 2016. "Civil Solidarity of Youth. Dialogue of Cultures - One World" Festival was held at the Central Museum of Great Patriotic War in Moscow. The Festival hosted Youth Ball of national cultures.