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  • NEFU: Philologists discuss studying the Russian language in multi-ethnic society

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    October 26, the North-Eastern Federal University hosts a roundtable devoted to the problems of teaching the Russian language in a multinational country, the press service of NEFU reports. Russian scientists and experts consider the problems and prospects of the development of education in Russian, as well as the issues of language teaching in the system of open education.
  • New database for monitoring the condition of Arctic water bodies

    Ruslan Gorodnichev, head of the Russian-German laboratory for the ecological state of the Arctic of the North-Eastern Federal University, explained that the data will be used for educational purposes

  • Researcher from Norway: Yakutsk is an interesting place to study


    This was reported by the scientist of the University of Tromsø (Norway), Aileen Espiritu within the framework of the NEFU project - Our University_Lectures.
  • Researchers of the Arctic to gather at the NEFU branch in Chukotka

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    2nd International Scientific and Practical Conference ‘Problems and prospects of development of the Arctic zone of the North-East of Russia’ will be held in the branch of the North-Eastern Federal University in Anadyr on April 5-6. The application for participation was submitted by more than 170 Russian and foreign scientists, the press service of the university reports.
  • Russia and China to study Canadian and Siberian Cranes in Yakutia

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    Ornithologists from the Yakut Institute of Biological Problems of the Cryolithozone of SB RAS and the Institute of Wildlife of the Beijing Forestry University of China are planning an expedition to the northern regions of Yakutia in the summer of 2018 to study the ecology and migration of Canadian Cranes and Siberian Cranes. On Tuesday, TASS learned from the research assistant of the zoological research laboratory of the Institute Inga Bysykatova.
  • Salavat Migranov: Yakutia has greatly developed information technology

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    Despite the geographical and transport remoteness of the region, the level of information technology in Yakutia corresponds to all-Russian. This was announced at 4th Inter-Regional Conference E-Yakutia  2017 by Salavat Migranov, head of High Technology Development Department of the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation.
  • Scientists of Yakutia invented a chip for the rapid detection of five hereditary diseases


    The Genomic Medicine educational and research laboratory of the North-Eastern Federal University asserts that the innovative methodology allows to obtain the result within only four hours for five hereditary diseases that are most common among the population of Yakutia.
  • Students of Russia, the US and China to discuss international relations

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    North-Eastern Federal University hosts 14th Semyonov Scientific & Practical Conference of students and schoolchildren. Participants and teachers will discuss the problems of international relations, issues of intercultural communication and translation, read papers on tourism, cultural heritage and the environment.
  • The first illustrated travel guide released in Yakutia


    The NEFU Institute of Natural Sciences published the first illustrated guide to Yakutia. As reported by the NEFU press service, there are no analogues of the directory - it gives detailed information about each district of the republic.


    Participants of the international complex scientific research expedition ‘Lena’ visited the Neryungri district to study the cultural-tourist, historical-ethnographic state of the regions of Yakutia. All of them are from South Korea and speak fluent Russian.

  • Unified Migration Center in Yakutsk

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    Based on the Decree of the Head of Yakutia Egor Borisov of December 30, 2016, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is defined as the authorized organization for work with labor migrants through the establishment of the Unified Migration Center.

  • Unique Encyclopedic Dictionary of Yakutia is coming out soon

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    Soon the first full-fledged dictionary will be published that unites the notions of Yakutia, from the Paleolithic era to the 21st century - the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Yakutia.

  • Upper Muna. The issue is the speciality

    Muna Svarshik

    The State Committee for Employment of Population conducts systematic work to attract local people to industry. ALROSA Company provides 598 workplaces for work at the Upper Muna (Verkhne-Munskoe; Verkhnemunsky) deposit of the Udachny Ore Mining and Processing Plant. As the State Committee on Employment announced, the Muna field may provide for additional 200 vacancies in 2019.
  • Vyacheslav Shtyrov: Yakut diamonds extracted without foreign experience

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    Member of the Federation Council of Russia Vyacheslav Shtyrov at a meeting with students of the Polytechnic Institute, a branch of the North-Eastern Federal University in Mirny, noted the role of the Soviet ideological and theoretical platform in the formation of diamond industry.
  • Winters getting shorter and windy in Yakutia

    More than 70% of respondents note sharp temperature changes in winter

  • World Without Borders: Exhibition on international education in Yakutsk

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    Now there is no need to explain the important role of education in building a successful career. On March 23, "International Education" Exhibition will be held in Yakutsk, through which you can learn how to choose a university abroad, about the specifics of the process of admission to universities abroad and how to prepare for admission to universities.

  • Yakut all-round athlete Innokenty Mironov participates in the World Festival of Youth

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    Champion of Russia and Yakutia among the youth in mas-wrestling, absolute champion of the Manchaary Games, participant of the Dygyn Games, NEFU fourth-year student of the Faculty of Law Innokenty Mironov is representing Yakutia as a delegate in Sochi. The young athlete takes part in one of the most important areas of the Festival - Sport and Healthy Lifestyle.
  • Yakutia has experienced three crises, now it is not as acute as the previous ones


    Yakutia experienced three crises: in 1998 (default), in 2008-2009 and in 2014. "Now the country is also experiencing a crisis, but not so acute. These are echoes of the crisis of 2014, plus various sanctions introduced,”says Director of the NEFU Financial and Economic Institute Aleksandr Kugaevsky. He told this to the NEFU students in the framework of the project "Open. Lectures," reports the M.K. Ammosov NEFU Press Service.

  • Yakutia popularizes national sports

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    The goal of the government of the republic is to ensure not only the organizational aspects of holding sports events in national sports, but also to position them at the all-Russian and international levels.
  • Yakutia's scientific environment for the study of mammoth fauna


    In Yakutia, where 70-90% of the world's reserves of mammoth bone are concentrated, they will form the scientific environment for studying mammoth fauna. This was announced by Igor Kolodeznikov, President of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in an interview with ‘Sakha’ National Broadcasting Company.