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  • A hidden gem: How the Far East is cutting out its niche in the diamond industry

    © Valeriy Sharifulin/TASS

    For decades, Russia’s diamond cutting center has been Yakutia, which owns a quarter of the global deposits of those stones
  • Aleksei Ryabtsevich: This was the best All-Russian meeting of Student Construction Teams!

    IMG 4650 1 696x464

    There have never been such a number of regions in the history of the All-Russian gathering of Student Construction Teams. Aleksei Ryabtsevich said this to YSIA. According to him, the event exceeded all expectations.
  • Arctic expedition in the footsteps of Obruchev starts in Yakutia

    Obruchev expedition

    The expedition will follow the trail of the scientist and traveler of the early XX century, Sergei Obruchev. This was reported on Wednesday by one of the organizers of the expedition, Executive Director of the Yakut branch of the Russian Geographical Society Dmitry Solovyov.
  • Bridgestone tests tires in Yakutia

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    Head of the Bridgestone department of winter tires testing Chiaki Oyama

    Yesterday, February 5, Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University hosted the meeting of the department head for winter tires testing of the Bridgestone Company, Mr. Chiaki Oyama, with acting rector Evgenia Mikhailova.
  • Fur coats from reindeer skins and costumes of the XVIII century: Exhibition of Verkhoyansk masters

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    Verkhoyansk folk masters exhibit their works of deer wool, horse hair, leather and other materials in the ‘Urgel’ art gallery.
  • Hereditary children's doctor Alshafi from Sudan talks about work in Yakutsk

    alshafi 560x420

    Head of the Department of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery, Associate Professor, Ph.D. in Medicine Yana MUNKHALOVA introduced us to each other. She told that this year NEFU Medical Institute trains about forty foreign students, graduate students and resident doctors. One of them, the first and only resident doctor from the Far Abroad, is Sudanese ALSHAFI. After graduating from the St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University, he has been gaining medical experience in Yakutsk since November last year.
  • NEFU and Belgrade University will exchange students


    Twenty years after the commissioning of the building of Natural Sciences Faculties of the North-Eastern Federal University, the general contractor of the facility, Deputy of the Serbian Assembly, the architect and the head of the Brothers Karić Company, Dragomir  Karić visited the university. He examined laboratories, training classes, the atrium and NEFU Botanical Garden, noting that the NEFU can exchange students with the University of Belgrade, the press service of NEFU reports.
  • NEFU and Chukotka sign an agreement on cooperation

    18okt2 696x391

    Rector of the North-Eastern Federal University Evgenia Mikhailova and the governor of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Roman Kopin, signed an agreement on cooperation that consolidated relations between Chukotka and the federal university. This is reported by the press office of the federal university.
  • NEFU and the University of Saskatchewan to open International Summer Institute

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    NEFU and the University of Saskatchewan will open International Summer Institute for Nursing Education in the Arctic.
  • NEFU and University of the Arctic to continue cooperation

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    The joint projects of University of the Arctic and North-Eastern Federal University will be continued - the parties signed an agreement on future activities of the Russian-language Information Support Center of University of the Arctic, which has been operating since 2011 on the basis of NEFU. This was announced at "The Arctic - Territory of Dialogue" Forum, which was opened on March 29 in the city of Arkhangelsk.
  • NEFU expands cooperation with Chinese universities

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    The M.K. Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University is a participant in 12th Forum of Rectors of Higher Educational Institutions Association of the Far East, Siberia and the North-Eastern Regions of the PRC in Harbin. The university was represented by NEFU Rector Evgenia Mikhailova and NEFU Oriental Institute Director Nyurgun Maksimov.
  • NEFU identified DNA of fossil animals

    SOOAM 2

    North-Eastern Federal University researchers together with colleagues from the South Korean Sooam Biotech Research Foundation Professor Hwang Kyu Chang and his assistant John Jang Han worked to identify the DNA of ancient fossils.
  • NEFU Neryungri branch and Hankuk University kick off cooperation

    hufsmain 696x465
    Hankuk University

    Professors of the South Korean Hankuk University visited the Technical Institute (branch) of the North-Eastern Federal University within the framework of the complex scientific research expedition ‘Lena’.  During the meeting, the parties agreed on cooperation between the institutions of Seoul and Neryungri, the NEFU Press Service reports.
  • NEFU scientists develop underground gas storage facilities in the Arctic

    tarify na gaz v moskve s 1 iyulya 2015 goda dlya naseleniya
    A joint project of a group of scientists of North-Eastern Federal University and Oil and Gas Institute under the Academy of Sciences of Yakutia on "Improving the efficiency of gas-supply systems in the Arctic region through the creation of underground gas storage facilities in hydrated state," has reached the finals of Skolkovo Petroleum Challenge in "Transportation and storage of oil and gas," reports NEFU Faculty of Geological Prospecting.

  • NEFU: Philologists discuss studying the Russian language in multi-ethnic society

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    October 26, the North-Eastern Federal University hosts a roundtable devoted to the problems of teaching the Russian language in a multinational country, the press service of NEFU reports. Russian scientists and experts consider the problems and prospects of the development of education in Russian, as well as the issues of language teaching in the system of open education.
  • New database for monitoring the condition of Arctic water bodies

    Ruslan Gorodnichev, head of the Russian-German laboratory for the ecological state of the Arctic of the North-Eastern Federal University, explained that the data will be used for educational purposes

  • Researcher from Norway: Yakutsk is an interesting place to study


    This was reported by the scientist of the University of Tromsø (Norway), Aileen Espiritu within the framework of the NEFU project - Our University_Lectures.
  • Russia and China to study Canadian and Siberian Cranes in Yakutia

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    Ornithologists from the Yakut Institute of Biological Problems of the Cryolithozone of SB RAS and the Institute of Wildlife of the Beijing Forestry University of China are planning an expedition to the northern regions of Yakutia in the summer of 2018 to study the ecology and migration of Canadian Cranes and Siberian Cranes. On Tuesday, TASS learned from the research assistant of the zoological research laboratory of the Institute Inga Bysykatova.
  • Salavat Migranov: Yakutia has greatly developed information technology

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    Despite the geographical and transport remoteness of the region, the level of information technology in Yakutia corresponds to all-Russian. This was announced at 4th Inter-Regional Conference E-Yakutia  2017 by Salavat Migranov, head of High Technology Development Department of the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation.
  • Scientists of Yakutia invented a chip for the rapid detection of five hereditary diseases


    The Genomic Medicine educational and research laboratory of the North-Eastern Federal University asserts that the innovative methodology allows to obtain the result within only four hours for five hereditary diseases that are most common among the population of Yakutia.