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  • Anomalously warm weather in Yakutia

    warmWeather 29 03 17

    In Yakutia the average monthly temperature in March is 10 degrees higher than normal, last time this phenomenon was observed 27 years ago. This was reported by Deputy Chief of Hydrometeorological Service of Yakutia Yuri Dikhtyarenko.
  • Hunter killed the wolf with a tire lever

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    As is known, the largest subspecies of the wolf is the polar wolf, which lives in large numbers in the northern part of Yakutia.
  • Ice drift on the Lena River

    2 Nature1 608x405

    May 16 drifting ice reached Yakutsk. We visited Cape Tabaga and offer readers to look at this natural phenomenon.
  • New database for monitoring the condition of Arctic water bodies

    Ruslan Gorodnichev, head of the Russian-German laboratory for the ecological state of the Arctic of the North-Eastern Federal University, explained that the data will be used for educational purposes

  • Survived the winter: Yakut winter through the eyes of South African

    Citizen of South Africa Annie Nader has never seen snow before and never felt freezing temperatures. But now she lives and works in Yakutsk. Here are her impressions of this amazing city.

  • Survived the winter: Yakut winter through the eyes of the British


    Yakutia is still unknown to tourists. In the coming days on our website we will publish interviews with "survivors," citizens of England, South Africa and New Zealand. Rose Bridle, teacher of English, did not know anything about the northern republic before her arrival here. She talks about how to deal with the cold, the complexities of life in the north and why she believes the Yakutians are real gem of the republic.
  • Temperature in Yakutsk reaches +

    The air temperature on Tuesday afternoon in Yakutsk reached +1 degrees. This is evidenced by the data of Yakutsk Hydrometeorological Center.

  • The lake is included in the list of PAs thanks to schoolchildren


    Lake Usun-Kyuol, located in the suburbs of Yakutsk - Tulagino village, was included in the list of specially protected natural areas (PAs) due to a comprehensive study of the reservoir carried out by the 10th grade student of the local school Evgeny Beschetnikov, along with other schoolchildren under the guidance of Svetlana Timofeeva, teacher, and consultants from the NEFU Support Center for Scientific Programs and Grants.
  • Three times more plants than expected in tundra of the Yakut island

    tundra plants
    © Vladimir Velengurin / TASS

    Siberian soil scientists and botanists, who visited this field for the first time this year at an international research station on Samoilovsky Island in the Lena Delta, were surprised at the diversity of the fauna. It turned out that there are three times more flowers in the tundra than they had expected, according to the official publication of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences "Science in Siberia."