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  • A branch of the Society for Russian Philology will be created in Yakutia

    Russian lang

    The Department of the Society for Russian Philology will be established in 2017 in Yakutia, a spokesman for the government of the republic told RIA Novosti.
  • Reindeer Herder’s Daughter in France: My Dad is Santa Claus

    586323b2c14a3"There is no word holiday in the Evenk language, - says French researcher Alexandra Lavrillier. They have bakaldyn that means meeting. So reindeer herders’ holiday is considered more important than the New Year." Alexandra knows what she writes about. A few years ago she arrived in South Yakutia to collect material for a dissertation, to learn the language, life and culture of the Evenks. Then she married a reindeer herder, has given birth to a daughter, and even became a teacher in a nomadic primary school.
  • Yakut schools will have equipment for learning Chinese

    The Consulate General of the People's Republic of China will provide two schools in Yakutia with language equipment for learning the Chinese language, said Diana Stepanova, deputy head of the Department for External Relations of the Republic.