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  • Auto rally to the Pole of Cold

    In Yakutia, on March 22-25, Rally Championship of Yakutia for the prizes of Yakutsk Mayor Aisen Nikolaev will take place within the traditional ‘Journey to the Pole of Cold’ festival. Enthusiasts of extreme sports will again go to Tomtor on the legendary Kolyma Road, the organizing committee of the event said.

  • Yukaghirs will read newspapers in their native language

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    The first issue of the Odun Losilpe newspaper supplement (Yukaghir bonfires in the language of the forest Yukaghirs) was published in the district newspaper Kolyma News in Zyryanka. Recently, Editor-in-Chief of the Kolyma Pravda newspaper, Aleksey Kurilov, reported that such a supplement titled Chailledool (Dawn in the language of the tundra Yukaghirs) will be released in late May in the Lower Kolyma as well.