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Housing and Communal Services

  • Bull of Winter has lost the first horn

    Biky srubili rog

    Employees of the State Unitary Enterprise of Housing and Communal Services of RS (Yakutia) traditionally have cut down the horn of the ice Bull of Cold - symbol of the Yakut frost installed near the administrative building of the enterprise. Horn in the ice bull was cut down by Deputy Director General Yuri Sadovnikov.
  • Eco-fuel boiler house operating in Lensky district

    WhatsApp Image 2018 04 04 at 16.01.42
    The block heating station built in the village of Vitim, Lensky District, is unique for Yakutia: it runs on wood waste, providing heat to houses and social facilities. The facility was put into operation in fall 2017. The state customer was the Regional Government Agency ‘State Customer Service of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).’

  • Investment program of Yakutia for 2018 to be increased by 1.680 billion rubles

    invest program1
    Finance Minister of Yakutia Valery Zhondorov at a meeting of the republican government on April 11 said that the total volume of the Investment Program of the region for 2018 is planned to be increased by 1 billion 680 million rubles, mainly at the cost of federal funds.