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  • Chukchi celebrate the New Year today

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    The Chukchi celebrate the New Year a week earlier than the rest of the world. It happens on the longest night of the year - from December 21 to 22.
  • The Spartans of tundra

    Yakutia is now home to seven hundred Chukchi. More than a hundred nations and nationalities currently live in Yakutia but only six of them are native: Sakha, Even, Evenk, Yukagir, Dolgan, and Chukchi.
  • The story of how the Chukchi assimilated the Eskimos

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    Geneticists from Magadan have conducted the first genetics screening of the “Arctic” mutations among the indigenous people of Siberia. In population of the Far North the evolutionary selection has been along the lines of the adjustment to the extreme climatic conditions as well as to the diet consisting of seal and whale meat and fat rich in fatty acids. As a result the so-called Arctic mutations that best fit such a lifestyle became established in the genotype of those people. In terms of biochemistry the most researched is the chromosome 11 mutation of the CPT1A gene.