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  • 1st ALROSA Cup in Acrobatic Rock'n'Roll

    DinM 117
    Last weekend in Mirny the 'Kimberlite' Sports Palace hosted the official rating competitions of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) - ALROSA Cup in acrobatic rock and roll, which gathered more than 120 people from Aikhal, Udachny and Yakutsk.

  • A large diamond extracted in Yakutia

    756756 560x339
    One of the Russian mining companies announces the extraction of the crystal weighing 110.84 carats at Yubileynaya pipe of Aikhal Mining and Processing Plant.

  • Aikhal grows rapidly

    Aikhal pipe 2
    Of all diamonds produced by ALROSA, 13 million carats are produced by the Aikhal Ore Mining and Processing Plant

  • ALROSA - Time for checking results

    On January 29, the meeting on the enterprise’s operating results was held at the Engineering and Technical Service of the Mirny Mining and Processing Plant's motor depot.

  • ALROSA 2018: Interest in New Technologies

    Technology development - a guarantee of quality

  • ALROSA Aikhal transfers to compressed natural gas

    Aihal GOK vx6aom qlouqm 1

    In 2017 the Aikhal Mining Processing Plant will spend more than 1 billion rubles on technical re-equipment, including putting into operation of cars of a higher environmental class.
  • ALROSA automates drilling in underground mines

    DL421ALROSA will test the technology that allows to increase the accuracy of drilling operations and minimize the participation of people in underground mines Udachny and Aikhal
  • ALROSA becomes a certified member of the RJC

    alrosa logo 13 12 2017
    ALROSA has become a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) by achieving certification against its Code of Practices through meeting the highest ethical, human rights, social and environmental standards as established by the RJC.

  • ALROSA extracts 62.75 carats diamond

    large diamond21 06 17

    The crystal is extracted from the depths of the Yubileynaya pipe of the Aikhal Mining and Processing Plant (GOK).
  • ALROSA President Sergei Ivanov checks Internatsionalny Mine

    453435 2 696x463ALROSA President Sergei Ivanov visited the Internatsionalny mine of the Mirny Mining and Concentrating Plant. He checked the conditions for conducting underground works, functioning of the sewerage system and discussed industrial safety issues with the management and personnel of the mine.
  • ALROSA recovers 98.63-carat large diamond from Jubilee pipe

    9863 2 300x200

    A transparent yellow-tinted octahedron crystal with inclusions of olivine, graphite and sulphide measures 28.96 х 28.03 х 27.30 mm.
  • ALROSA starts free workers' health screening

    Lechenie e1509254028843 696x444 1

    Until December 25, more than 6 thousand employees of ALROSA will be able to have their health checked free of charge. For them, the program will consist of two directions: "Prevention and early diagnosis of digestive system diseases" and "Men's health." This year the Company will spend about 30 million rubles for screening.
  • ALROSA to spend 1.5 billion on Aikhal

    Alrosa 19.02.2015 Nakyn.Den chetvertyj HR 0113 e1501736773642 696x437

    In 2017, almost 1.5 billion rubles will be spent on the technical re-equipment of the Aikhal Mining and Processing Plant, the Almazny Krai TV Channel informs.
  • ALROSA: New Year's holidays for children of Yakutia

    IMG 20180108 2107311 e1516584520666 696x381

    Thanks to the financial support of ALROSA, more than 40 children of employees of the Aikhal and Udachy Mining and Processing Plants spent their New Year holidays in Gelendzhik this year. Spa treatments, tours of the city and in the Safari Park, a visit to sports facilities and dolphinarium, as well as travel by cable car - this is not a complete list of what the young northerners did for two weeks on the Black Sea coast.
  • ALROSA’s Supervisory Board approved 2018 budget

    alrosa22 12 2017

    Moscow, 18 December 2017. At its meeting held on 14 December, the Supervisory Board of ALROSA reviewed and approved the Group’s budget for 2018.

  • CHEER Festival. Hockey stars’ know-how

    NastroenieFest 1
    ALROSA, the world leader in diamond mining, again hosted the CHEER festival in Yakutia (‘Nastroenie’ festival), where almost 90% of its employees work.
    This time the joint-stock company organized another entertaining series of master classes, open lessons, friendly matches and shows together with its sports partner - the Russian Ice Hockey Federation.
  • Ecological gas instead of gasoline and diesel fuel

    Gas instead of fuel

    The diamond Company in the context of the intensive introduction of new technologies and innovations operates within the framework of the corresponding program, designed for 2012-2018.
  • Mirny in anticipation of the upcoming festival

    April 12 - 18, the hurricane of emotions will overwhelm the Diamond Province - the 'Nastroenie' Festival. Legends of Soviet and Russian hockey will arrive in Mirny, Aikhal and Udachny. The Festival is organized by ALROSA and the Russian Ice Hockey Federation.

  • Monotowns will attract investment in Yakutia

    Neryungri2 e1509854309902 696x464

    The Monotown Development Foundation and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) signed a general agreement on cooperation in the development of single-industry municipalities of the republic. The document was signed by Ilya Krivogov, General Director of the Monotowns Development Foundation and Egor Borisov, the head of Yakutia. The press service of the Foundation reports.
  • RosTekhNadzor to inspect ALROSA mines including MIR

    MIR mine 08 08 17

    According to the official representative of the Company, ALROSA is ready to render comprehensive assistance to conduct this verification.