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Yakutia Creates Bread Made From Wheatgerm

HlebYakut research vicinities figured out how to make bread without the familiar flour. Here wheat grown on Yakutia’s fields, is converted into tasty bread. Despite this, it is assumed that the Yakut wheat is not suitable for the preparation of the key product.

Entrepreneur Fedor Kurchatov reveals the production secret: "The process begins with us clearing the grain, and then putting it in such containers, which maintain a certain temperature. Then we keep it there for forty-eight hours. After that the grain swells and a little sprout breaks, then we have the pulp.” Then sprouted wheat or rye dispersion process takes place, or, to put it simply, it is finely milled. After adding leaven, the resulting mass is kneaded and spread in a special form. The weight of one loaf is 700 grams. Scientists have proved that it contains as much fiber as a 5 kg apple.

The cost of wheat and rye is nearly 1.5 times cheaper than flour. Purchase of local raw materials has a positive effect on both parties’ finances. With the right approach, bread from sprouted grains can become a profitable business. There are plans for production of frozen semi-manufactured goods, which will only need baking. Then the product could become accessible to everyone living in the Republic.

Japan Working on Plans of TDP Development in the Far East

992335733Japan’s “Nomura Research Institute” is working on long-term development plans for the Far Eastern nine territories of priority development (TDP) of the thirteen existing territories. This was announced by CEO of the Corporation for the development of the Far East, Denis Tikhonov.

– For the development of the Far East we are using the best of world experience and practices. We believe that the experience of Nomura, which they apply in the preparation of perspective plans of development, will contribute to the attraction of Japanese investments in the Far East, – Denis Tikhonov commented. 

Plans will be developed for the TDP of "Kangalassy" (Yakutia), the TDP of "Kamchatka" (Kamchatka Territory), the TDP of "Belogorsk" (Amur region), the TDP of "Priamurskaya" (Amur region), the TDP of "Bering" (Chukotka Autonomous Okrug), the TDP of " Mikhaylovsky District " (Primorsky Krai), the TDP of " Mikhaylovsky District " (Sakhalin Oblast), the TDP of "Yuzhnaya" (Sakhalin Oblast) and the TDP of "Bolshoy Kamen" (Primorsky Krai).

“Nomura Research Institute” is the largest private Japanese consulting company, one of the first analytical centers of Japan. Its main ventures are micro- and macro-economic research and investment market research, consulting, and provision of information technology services.

Singapore for Economic Cooperation with Russia in the Far East

sing russ dvThe development of economic cooperation and implementation of investment projects with participation of Singapore's business were discussed at the meeting of Deputy Ministers for the Development of the Russian Far East, Aleksandr Osipov and Aleksandr Krutikov and Minister of State in the Ministry of National Development and the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Republic of Singapore, Koh Poh Koon.
Alexander Osipov informed the Singaporean partners of the tools for economic development of the Far East – TDP (Territories of Priority Development), an open port in Vladivostok, Free port of Vladivostok, the work of the Development of the Far East Fund, support of the investment projects, and also of the first success stories of foreign investors, who took advantage of the new opportunities created in the macroregion.

Singapore's party participated in the discussion of attracting investments in priority directions of development of the Far East. The topic at hand was the development of infrastructure, including railways, ports and airports, projects in the field of shipbuilding and aircraft manufacturing. The representatives also discussed Singapore's experience in oil and gas processing, the development of modern urban environment, and in high-quality and affordable health care.

According to Koh Poh Koon, Singapore is ready to partake in the development of the Far East. "We have a lot of experience in the planning of development of cities and airports. Far East is an enormous territory, while Singapore is a small country, which, however, can be a catalyst for the development of the Far East ", – stressed the minister.

Under ALROSA’s Wing

alrosa3Today the republic has a number of different support mechanisms of the field developing in active collaboration with ALROSA. Within the current legislation in 2015 the company has recommenced the mechanism of 18% postponement of payment from contract value of rough diamonds, purchased by the local lapidary companies, under the condition of presenting the necessary warranties; additionally, ALROSA has extended the payment period from 90 to 180 days on an individual basis.
This allowed the local lapidary companies to decrease expenses on loan servicing used for purchasing the raw materials, and apply the saved credit to developing the manufacturing equipment; nevertheless, the problem of bearing expenses on acquisition and maintenance of bank guarantees is, it appears, still standing.
Elena Bochkareva

The delegation of Yakutia visited Japan in search of investors

Japan parlamentThe Japanese parliament in Tokyo hosted a presentation of investment potential and Yakutia projects. The event was held under the auspices of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, the Japan Association for Trade with Russia and the Newly Independent States (ROTOBO), Institute of Economic Research of Northeast Asia (ERINA).

The Japanese parliament in Tokyo hosted a presentation of the investment, First Deputy of the Republic of Sakha Prime Minister (Yakutia) - Economy Minister Yakutia Aleksey Struchkov told Japanese colleagues about perspective directions of development of the republic, noting that the local government carries out systematic work to maintain a high level of attractiveness of the region as well as the development of favorable investment environment in Yakutia.

During the presentation of Yakutia the  investment potential were identified major projects implemented to date in the region together with Japanese partners, including the project of a year-round greenhouse complex, implemented by the Almazergienbank Bank JSC, district administration of the city of Yakutsk and Hokkaido Corporation within advanced economic development zone Kangalassy.

During the event, Deputy Director General of the Investment Promotion Agency of Yakutia Yuliana Diryakhova has presented strategic investment projects planned for implementation on the territory of Yakutia, including the construction of the bridge project across the Lena River, the establishment of agro-industrial park "Pokrovskiy" and other projects in the field of tourism, transport, study the permafrost zone and paleontology.