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RAO Energy Systems of East: "RES is a necessity dictated by the time"


In 2014, the holding company "RAO Energy Systems of East" presented a large-scale program for the development of renewable energy in the Far Eastern Federal District.
According to the program, by 2020 the company plans to build more than 170 facilities with a total capacity of about 120 MW. Gradually, one after the other in different regions of the republic of Sakha (Yakutia) appear solar plants and on Sakhalin and Kamchatka - white windmills. We have talked with Alexei Kaplun - Deputy General Director for Strategy and Investment of "RAO Energy Systems of East", co-chair of the conference organizing committee.

Yakutia - area of active innovation development

investment promotion agency
Without doubt, the innovative advantage of Yakutia has great potential for starting introduction of modern technologies of the world level by the established institutions of the region.
An important competitive advantage could be the formation of a full-fledged innovation infrastructure and, as a consequence, the investment attractiveness of the region as an area of active innovation.

Invest in Yakutia


The Sakha Republic (Yakutia) is one of the fastest growing federal subjects and has a significant influence on the development of the Russian Far East. Its vast territory rich in natural resources, presence of major export-oriented companies, favorable geographical position and proximity of the Asia-Pacific markets, as well as a unique tourist potential create preconditions for becoming a strategic outpost of Russia in the Far East.