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Natural resources of Yakutia – Silver


Production of silver in Russia today is carried out in 20 regions of the country in more than 100 deposits, and in explored reserves of silver, constituting 10.5% of the world, Russia ranks first in the world. Deposits containing silver reserves are concentrated mainly in Eastern Siberia and the Far East, as well as in the southern Urals. 11.1% fell to share of Yakutia.

Totally Yakutia has more than 10 000 tons of prospected reserves of silver, estimated resources of which are more than 180 000 tons. The amount of forecasted silver resources in 18 times that of accounted stocks.  In general, according to the scale of forecasted potential of silver, the territory of Eastern Yakutia is considered as a unique silver-province.  Identified and evaluated in the last 15-20 years, other silver deposits and occurrences of silver may serve as an additional reserve of this base.

In Yakutia silver mining is conducted simultaneously while developing the gold deposits. Industrial extraction began in 1745. Silver in Yakutia is found mainly in the eastern part of the Arctic zone. 34 deposits are registered. The two deposits - ‘Prognoz’ (4368 t) and ‘Nezhdaninskoye’ (2005 t) – contain the bulk of the reserves; where silver is suitably a primary or incidental component. Thus, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) has a significant resource potential of silver concluded in gold, silver-polymetallic, tin and gold-antimony deposits and occurrences.  There are deposits of primary silver. In the last decade a large silver-province with numerous promising deposits and silver ores was discovered.

Interesting facts

In 2017, the Canadian company Silver Bear Resources plans to start mining silver in Yakutia, with an annual capacity of up to 90 thousand tons of silver.

It turns out that silver has "its own" country. The Latin name of the metal is argentum. Accordingly, Argentina is translated as "land of silver." However, despite such a poetic name, practically there is no precious metal in the country.

Silver is used worldwide in many languages, there are different names of the metal, but the meaning is almost always the same - "white" or "light."

The antibacterial properties of silver are known worldwide. And in our country there is a method of water purification - a silver spoon in the cup. You will be surprised to know that in the International Space Station the cosmonauts use only the water that went through silver purification, and no other.

The largest silver nugget, found in Chile, weighed a little less than half a kilogram.