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NEFU Arctic cluster and modern technologies


Small power engineering, the development of modular stations, the production of frost-resistant tires, solar panels - the development and implementation of these and other similar projects that allow us to develop resources and develop the infrastructure of the macroregion, will be created by the Arctic cluster created at Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University in Yakutsk.

The concept of cluster development was presented at the working meeting by the Director of the NEFU Arctic Innovation Center Dmitry Popov. The event at the university was attended by heads of ministries and departments of Yakutia, including the head of Yakutsk Aisen Nikolaev.

It is assumed that the cluster will include five groups - educational, research, information and consulting, support group and production and technology.

Minister of Investment Development and Entrepreneurship of Yakutia Arctic said that the republic is ready to support entrepreneurs who are developing projects of local importance with a prospect for export. Right now, the Local Production Foundation is being created and which, among other things, will support such projects.

Readiness to support the activities of the Arctic cluster was expressed by the head of Yakutsk Aisen Nikolaev. To date, the city has several mechanisms to support entrepreneurs, including developing innovative technologies. These are grants of the head of the city, the Entrepreneurship Support Fund. Small innovative enterprises of NEFU can become residents of the ‘Kangalassy’ Social and Economic Advanced Development Zone, where it is possible to conduct business on preferential terms.


However, Aisen Nikolaev stressed, entrepreneurs should clearly understand that the market for products destined exclusively for the Arctic regions is very limited. Consequently, in the long term it will be necessary to rely on products that will be in demand not only in the Arctic.

During the discussion there were presentations of projects of NEFU scientists - environmentally safe technology of peat extraction in the Arctic regions, development of ecologically safe technologies of mining and technical reclamation of lands during mining, research of scientists of the molecular genetic and cellular technologies laboratory, etc.