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Egor Borisov: Investment portal of Yakutia should be attractive and useful for investors

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Egor Borisov, when discussing the target model "Quality of investment portal of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation," said that the investment portal of Yakutia should be attractive and useful for future investors of the republic.

"This website should be designed for investors of different levels: international, from different subjects of the Russian Federation and our republican. A potential investor should go to the site and find out everything about our republic so that he can make a decision - to invest in this or that direction or not," said Egor Borisov.

In the opinion of the head of the republic, the investment portal should show the potential of Yakutia from different angles: in the context of industries, uluses, projects that are already being implemented and planned, the approximate cost of projects, etc.

In addition, according to the head of Yakutia, the website should be as honest as possible with respect to future investors: it should tell not only about the resource economic potential, natural resources of the republic, but also about the territorial and natural-climatic features of the region, its problems, for example, about the transport limitations of the republic.

"Information on key indicators of the republic's economy should be as complete and reliable as possible, and not simply be indicated by large "strokes" and single common figures. For example, the website now provides information on the volume of exports of goods - $ 4 billion 460 million. The investor goes to the site and sees an attractive figure for him. But he does not see that the lion's share of this figure is the export of diamonds,” Il Darkhan commented.

In addition, the technical part of ensuring the direct communication of entrepreneurs with Il Darkhan of the republic on the website, who heads the Council for Investment Policy and Public-Private Partnership was discussed.

In this regard, Egor Borisov stresses that he is the most open leader. "I receive messages from entrepreneurs, from different sources: by phone, by WhatsApp, via SMS and Facebook. Many proposals are received through Instagram, where I have my personal account - Egafborisov," the leader of the region said.

The meeting also discussed the target models "The effectiveness of feedback and work of direct communication channels between investors and the top management of the Russian Federation" and "The effectiveness of the activities of a specialized organization to attract investment and work with investors."

The head of Yakutia stressed that the plan indicators of target models of simplification of business procedures should be strictly implemented by the bodies of executive state power and local self-government. Indicators of models, in his opinion, are "a road map" for the actions of government bodies and departments to ensure the investment attractiveness of the region.

Egor Borisov discussed all 12 target models with the participants in the process. The next time it is planned to synchronize watches for their execution in mid-November this year, reports