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Yakutsk - Harbin: tourism and business partnership

Last week, September 8, in the district government hall, agricultural trade and business development deputy director Petr Efremov met with the Harbin Municipal People's Government official delegation.

Under the frame of official visit, Wang Jingming, vice chairman of Harbin Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference, Li Geng, deputy director of Harbin Tourism Development Committee, Yu Pingcui, deputy director of Harbin Foreign Affairs Office and Li Han, director of Harbin Foreign Affairs Office.
Petr Efremov thanked his Chinese colleagues for attending the anniversary of Yakutsk City. He pointed out that despite the harsh weather conditions, Yakutsk today is dynamic development, becoming the country's northeast of modern and rapid development of one of the cities.
The Chinese delegates thanked the municipal authorities for their congratulations on the anniversary of the capital city and expressed confidence in the further fruitful cooperation between Yakutsk and Harbin in all aspects of life, especially in the fields of entrepreneurship, culture and tourism. According to the Department of Media Relations Public Relations, external and interregional relationship area management office