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"We need a big investor to build a bridge across the Lena River"

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"The project (the bridge across the Lena River) Is extremely important, especially given the fact that it is supported at the federal level by the Ministry of Transport of Russia. It is impossible to delay the implementation of the project. However, we must understand that only the budget will not be able to produce such a large project - we need an investor," Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation SergeI Vakhrukov said on August 8 during a trip to the area of the proposed construction of a bridge over the Lena River.

Yakutia Prime Minister Evgeny Chekin, First Deputy Chairman of the government of the republic - Economy Minister Aleksei Struchkov, Minister of Investments and Entrepreneurship of the republic Anton Safronov attended the event.

The Chinese Company PowerChina International Group Ltd. (a subsidiary company of Sinohydro Corporation Limited) calculated and designed, to date, 2 variants of the future bridge: cable-stayed or truss bridge. The total length of the bridge, including the length of the bridge structure and access roads, will be about 21 kilometers. The maximum height from the water's edge to the highway passing through the bridge is about 17 meters. The maximum height from the surface of the water to the highway passing through the bridge is about 17 meters.


According to the Minister of Investment and Entrepreneurship Anton Safronov, the bridge is supposed to be built near Staraya Tabaga and Khaptagai. There are plans to hold a number of public hearings with the participation of the residents of the republic.
It is known that a month ago, representatives of the state corporation PowerChina visited Yakutsk. Within the framework of 3rd Eastern Economic Forum, a presentation of the bridge across the Lena River project will be held.