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Experience of Tatarstan - for Yakutia

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Tatarstan's experience in creating conditions for business development and attracting investors will be taken into account in the work of the branch ministry of Yakutia. This conclusion was made by the Yakut delegation led by Minister of Investment Development and Entrepreneurship of the Republic Anton Safronov, within the framework of the official visit to Kazan.

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Tatarstan's experience in attracting investments, developing local production, as well as small and medium-sized businesses is very revealing. A "roadmap" is being implemented in the republic to remove administrative barriers and create a favorable business climate, where specific people are responsible for implementing their part of the projects. The Republic of Tatarstan for the second year in a row is at the head of the national ranking of the investment climate in the regions of Russia. As Minister of Economy of Tatarstan Artem Zdunov emphasized at the meeting with the Yakut delegation, this result was achieved through the creation of a regional project office for the implementation of the target models of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, in the implementation of which all business development institutions were involved.

"We see the example of the Kazan Multifunctional Business Center, the principle of the Single Window is very well developed. All business support facilities are located in the same building: interdepartmental interaction is clearly worked out here, sectoral communication is well established. I want to emphasize the so-called "human factor" - every employee understands the importance of his/her participation, they have a very patriotic approach to the matter," - Minister of Investment Development of Yakutia Anton Safronov shared his impressions.

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With regard to attracting investments, here Tatarstan relied on its traditional, cultural and religious characteristics. Among foreign partners Turkey turned out to be the closest according to these characteristics. The total amount of investments to date is estimated at more than $ 16 billion, of which about $ 2 billion is the capital of Turkish investors. In addition, the existing customs policy allows Tatarstan to export its products to the CIS countries and the near abroad. As members of the Yakut delegation noted, such a model of relations with the countries of the Asia-Pacific region is very close to the republic, especially with Singapore.

Another key area that the Tatarstan authorities are betting on is the development of markets for the production of entrepreneurs. So, for example, there is special "Stock Exchange of the Republic of Tatarstan" where small businesses conduct their trade and present their services in B2B and B2G formats. Moreover, the "Center for Export Support" successfully operates in the republic, the experience of which will be studied in detail by the Yakut side.

At the end of the meeting, Minister of Economy of Tatarstan Artem Zdunov focused on educational programs for entrepreneurs. He told that in collaboration with Sberbank and Google Corporation, the "Business class" educational project was launched as a pilot one, which caused unprecedented interest, both from unoccupied population and current entrepreneurs. The program involved about 20 thousand people and allowed many entrepreneurs to open a new business or take the business to a new level. Anton Safronov said that on April 12 he had a meeting with the management of the educational department of Google, where the experience of Tatarstan's participation was presented in details and stressed that Yakutia has all chances to get involved in the project.

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The Yakut delegation included Acting Director General of Investment Promotion Agency of the RS (Y) Yuliana Diryakhova, Director of GAU "Technopark Yakutia" Anatoly Semenov, and "CenterDomStroy" company, which set a task to familiarize itself with new technologies of low-rise construction and establish business contacts with suppliers of building materials.