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Google will help Yakut entrepreneurs to develop business

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The options for cooperation in the field of educational programs were discussed by Minister of Investment Development and Entrepreneurship of the Republic Anton Safronov and Director of Google Russia for Interaction with state authorities Marina Zhunich.

The representative of the largest corporation told that Google is implementing the ‘Business Class’ educational project in Russia, which is focused primarily on obtaining practical knowledge and skills necessary for the creation and development of a successful business. Marina Zhunich explained that the program is presented in two modes - online and intensive.  All residents of the Far Eastern District can now join the first one. The ‘intensive’ mode includes all the components of the ‘online’ mode, as well as mentoring and full-time master classes with the program experts. "As part of the pilot launch in Tatarstan, we already received several bright success stories that proved the effectiveness of the ‘Business Class’ project. We hope that in the Far Eastern Federal District the program will show good results and help to bring the small and micro-business of each of the participating regions to a qualitatively new level," - she said.

Anton Safronov, in turn, stressed that the program can become a serious support tool for entrepreneurs of the republic. The certification program lasts up to 5 months, for which its students learn business planning, financial accounting, and risk assessment - all in a format of practical assignments. This is relevant for Yakut entrepreneurs who want to develop their business and export their products outside the republic and even the country. "Small business in Yakutia is very active. We see new, bright and interesting entrepreneurial ideas, and the Google educational project will help business people get the information they need," – Anton Safronov comments.

It should be noted that the experience of the ‘Business Class’ program in Tatarstan will be included in the agenda of the meeting of Minister of Investment Development and Entrepreneurship of Yakutia Anton Safronov with Minister of Economy of Tatarstan Artem Zdunov on April 19. Based on the results of studying the experience of implementing the program in Tatarstan, the possibility of carrying out this program in Yakutia will be considered.

At present, the Ministry of Investment Development and Entrepreneurship of Yakutia, within the framework of the possible introduction of the ‘Business Class’ program, will have to assess the potential interest in Yakutia. Business community and business development institutions will be interviewed to compile a list of potential entrepreneurs. The list should be extensive and represent all areas of business.