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Investments in Kangalassy Industrial Park will amount to 10.3 billion rubles


The total investment in ‘Kangalassy Industrial Park’ Advanced Development Zone for 2016-2028 will be 10.3 billion rubles.

The presentation of the long-term development plan for this Advanced Development Zone was held on April 4 in the Ministry of Investment Development and Entrepreneurship of Yakutia. The share of budget funds in the project is 19%. 62% of budget investments - federal funds; 42% of private investments - the contribution of residents and approved applicants. By 2028 the activities of residents will increase the industrial production of the Far Eastern Federal District by 0.25% and create about 1,100 new jobs.

As the representative of the Yakut branch of "Business Russia" Ekaterina Romanova told IA SakhaNews, among the main issues considered at the meeting were the definition of boundaries for the expansion of Advanced Development Zones and plans for the creation of infrastructure facilities, as well as the amount of funding for their creation. The long-term development plan for Advanced Development Zones was presented by its developer - OOO Financial and organizational consulting.