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Russia offers China to establish a center of support


Minvostokrazvitiya of the Russian Federation has offered to establish Far Eastern Center of support of investors from China.

This was announced by Minister for Development of the Far East Aleksandr Galushka: “This mechanism, in our opinion, will give an additional impetus to the necessary Russian-Chinese cooperation in the macro-region and will allow to considerably increase the number and quality of incoming investment.”

Currently, the Russian-Chinese cooperation in the Far East is developing very actively. 23 projects are being implemented in the region with investments from China worth about $ 3 billion. The share of Chinese investments in the Far East of the total foreign investment is about 22%.

New businesses

Also Aleksandr Galushka said that up to 500 new businesses will be open in the Far East until 2020. "In little more than a year thanks to the advanced development zones, the Free Port, Development Fund of the Far East, 1.3 trillion rubles was invested in the Far East. There are 470 investment projects that create about 80 thousand new jobs," - the Minister said.

Japanese investors

The Minister also said that Japanese investors plan to invest $ 20 million in wood processing in the Primorsky Krai.

Galushka added that Russian and Japanese companies will work on the introduction of advanced medical technology. In particular, it is planned to create a rehabilitation center in the Free Port of Vladivostok.